Words cannot begin to describe this stunning statue... Imagined by Lisa (who has honored Gwyn ap Nudd - a.k.a. Cernunnos as her patron god for many years), and sculpted by the insanely talented Joe Laudati, this statue may well put a lump in your throat and give you goosebumps.

Individually hand cast by the artist who created this sculpture, each one of these statues is lovingly finished with painstaking attention detail by Joe Laudati himself.

Lord of the forest. God of the Hunters and Hunted. He has a fox laying with a hound to show that he brings peace to all in his domain (the lion lays down with the lamb). A badger at his side brings in his medicine of desire, courage, persistance and leadership. On the base of the log you see the Triskel, a Celtic symbol of life, death and re-birth. His belt is made up of Holly and Oak leaves to honor his work through the dark and light halves of the year and the buckle is a seven pointed star that shows his connection to the Fey and the 'wee folk' of the other world. 

Finished in Antique Bronze, he stands approximately 12" tall by 6" wide and is the perfect complement to our Cerridwen Statue.

Watch the video (link below) for a closer look at the incredible detail on this statue and some fascinating information about the mythology surrounding Cernunnos:

NOTE* As these are handmade, supplies are limited. Stautes are individually cast and uniquely numbered. We are usually able to supply from stock, but occasionally there may be a delay while your statue is hand cast by Joe especially for you.

Shipping for this item is more expensive than normal as the statue is large, heavy and quite fragile. Accordingly special packaging and handling is required.


Optional Full Color Painting

For truly stunning realism, this statue is optionally available hand painted in full color by the artist, Joe Laudati. Please note, full color statues are made to order. Because of the large amount of intricate work required, your order will ship in 8 to 10 business days.

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Hand Painted by the Artist (+$175)


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Cernnunnos Statue

David Deschamphelaere on Mar 19th 2023

I purchased this as a gift for my wife and she was thrilled when she opened the package. As always, Joe's skills and attention to detail shine through as a testament to his abilities. I see more purchases in the future as long as he continues to share his gift with us.

Cernunnos is outstanding!

Joshua Bushman on Feb 28th 2023

We just set him up on our new altar. He is outstanding. The craftsmanship and quality of the painting are outstanding. We watched your videos on how it was made and this adds even more enthusiasm and joy for the statue. Please give our thanks to Joe for making a beautiful piece and to you for making it available to us, Blessings!!!


Cinthia on Dec 4th 2020

Exceptional Craftsmanship, and Artistry. Exquisite. He Is Beautiful. Powerful. Lovely. I Like Him A Lot! Thank You!

Amazing Cernunnos

Florence Diana Hunt on May 27th 2020

This is an exquisite and detailed statue. As a practicing Wiccan, my deities are Cerridwen and Cernunnos. I have both and I'm so happy with them. I even shared your site with other Wiccans. Next up. I want the Elementals.


Bruce Boulanger on Mar 5th 2020

Just got my own cernunnos painted and he is amazing. sad that a part of his antler broke during shipping but i can glue it back.

Absolutely Gorgeous Statue

Kim on Jun 9th 2019

I can't say enough wonderful things about this statue. It's beautifully detailed and was the perfect addition to my shrine cabinet. Very high quality and packed/shipped so carefully. I love it!

Beautiful Cernunnos

James V. Jones on Apr 12th 2019

The artist is an absolute genius, he really has a feel for what I always imagined Cernunnos would look like. The photo does NOT do this statue justice, it's one of the most beautiful pieces of art I've ever laid eyes on. For something made of resin, it looks exactly like something made of metal, but it weighs a lot less. He's also bigger than what I expected, he's not some tiny figurine. I cleared off a space on my bookshelf just for him at the very top.