The Morrigan (Mórrígan, Mór-Ríoghain) is an Irish Celtic Goddess of destiny, battle and death. A triple Goddess who's often seen as three sisters, whose individual names most commonly appear as Badb, Macha, and Nemain, the sisters could take the form of one Goddess known as “The Morrígan”. In many stories, she appears as both an individual and as three goddesses acting under a single name.

Scholars disagree on the exact etymology of her name, which most commonly has two different interpretations. Mor, from the Old Irish form of the name, can be interpreted as “phantom.” In the Middle Irish period the name was frequently spelled as Mór meaning “great.” The second part of her name, rígan, means “queen” aligning with the Latin regina. So, she is known as either “Phantom Queen or “Great Queen”... perhaps it's best to regard her as both one and the same.

It is said she is the keeper of fate and overseer of prophecy. Legend tells us she could shapeshift and appear to Heros and Kings as a Raven, a beautiful Maiden, a fierce Warrior, a crone or occasionally as washer-woman, seen washing the blood-stained clothes of the dead. She could bestow magickal favor, and because of her close connection to prophecy and fate, the Morrígan was often present at the deaths of prominent figures.

The Morrígan has similarities to sovereignty goddess figures in Irish mythology. These figures are often represented as a conduit to the land and rule of Ireland. She is woven into Irish Myth with connections to many powerful kings and warriors. As you read the stories you can be swept away into her enchantments.

Each statue of this magnificent goddess is lovingly hand-cast, one at a time, but the artist who sculpted her, the insanely talented Joe Laudati, who, on this occasion, was assisted in his inspiration by the widely acclaimed author, John Beckett, who is a sworn devotee of The Morrigan!

Every statue is hand finished, painted, signed, and numbered by the artist himself... truly something to be treasured for generations.

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Beautiful Statue

Dawn Keogh on Jun 24th 2022

I can't begin to describe how powerful, magnificent, beautiful this statue of The Morrigan is. AND she arrived on Litha!