Words cannot begin to describe this stunningly beautiful statue... Imagined by Lisa, and sculpted by the insanely talented Joe Laudati, this figurine may well bring tears to your eyes.

Brid, Brigid, or Brigit, is perhaps one of the best known, and most widely revered, Irish Celtic Deities; being the triple goddess of Spring, Fertility and Life. Her name means 'the exalted one'. Highly skilled in the arts of both healing and smith-craft, she is honored by poets as their source of inspiration.

As goddess of spring, her holy-day is Imbolc which marks the astronomical beginning of spring - known as Gwyl Ffraid (The feast of Brid) in Wales. This holiday has been anglicized by the Christian church as Candlemas, and still represents the growing light, symbolized by the passing of the flame from Brid's forge.

The basket depicted with her is known as Brid’s bed, and is filled with fertility symbols; Barley corn stalks, (wheat) a loaf of bread, apples and the pine-cone topped stick, bursting forth with seeds to end the winter's dark. 

Individually hand cast by the artist who created this sculpture, each one of these figurines is lovingly finished with painstaking attention detail by Joe Laudati himself.

She stands approximately 11" tall by 5" wide and is portrayed standing in front of the anvil to symbolize her skills as blacksmith.

She is available in antique bronze finish with metallic overtones or, for an additional charge, she can be hand painted in full color by Joe. (Please note these are made to special order and take an additional 5 to 7 business days to ship)


Optional Full Color Painting

For truly stunning realism, this statue is optionally available hand painted in full color by the artist, Joe Laudati. Please note, full color statues are made to order. Because of the large amount of intricate work required, your order will ship in 8 to 10 business days.

PRE-ORDERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE - Statues will ship in the order received.

PLEASE NOTE - Some of the images show are those of the pre-production, unfinished, prototype (The original sculpture from which the mold is made).

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