This one took us awhile to figure out. How do you depict the radiant brow? The Birth of Awen? The stream of energy that awakens us all? We decided to go with the story and the moment, rather than try to personify the energy.  The stand has Cerridwen's hands working her magick to make the brew, with the downward rays and the Cauldron (a separate piece) stands in front with the upward Awen. You could place a votive cup inside for a candle, a brew, or herbs you gather to work your own magick, to gain wisdom and understanding. The back of the standing piece has the shapeshifting animals from the chase that Gwion Bach turned himself into to escape Cerridewen, as she worked to contain her magick. At the base of the back is the coracle she placed Taliesin in after giving birth. We are all the radiant brow. 

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