Bast, also known as Bastet, has a mythology which speaks of her worship as far back as 2890 BCE.

Perhaps first seen as an aspect of the Sun Goddess, Sekhmet (a fierce lion headed Goddess of war), Bast was thought to be her gentler, more nurturing, side. Although later she became a Goddess in her own right, splitting off from the Lion, and transforming into a Black cat.

Her name has been translated by some to mean "She of the ointment jar" and her role was that of the protector of Kings. She is said to ward off infectious disease and offer a fierce defense against evil snakes, thus making her a goddess of protection. A protection which extends to pregnant women and oversees safe childbirth.

This stunning depiction by the talented sculptor, Joe Laudati, shows Bast adorned in the simple, yet elegant, jewelry which is fitting to her rank of revered goddess. Finished in antiqued black with gold rubbed hieroglyphs adorning her base, she stands a little under 10" tall, making her the perfect size for your altar or ritual space.

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